• Efficient underground cable network
  • Segregated spaces for all electrical installations
  • Proper distribution within units with MCBs
  • Complete weatherproof electrical supply
  • Provision for underground telephone cabling
  • Provision for concealed piping for TV cable within each unit
  • Modern earthing system
  • 100 % power back up for all common areas (clubs, streets, lifts, Common Lobby gardens etc.) and amenities
  • ISI & FIA approved material; IS codes to be followed

Public Health & Water Management

  • Modular sector wise STP
  • Water treatment / softening plant
  • Auxiliary water storage tanks for extra storage
  • Rain water harvesting to improve ground water table
  • STP treated water for irrigation and flushing
  • Treated storm water for reuse
  • Drip Irrigation to reduce water consumption
  • Fire detection, fire alarm and fire-fighting system

Traffic Management

  • Design of Roads based on
    1. Present and forecasted traffic demand and traffic volume
    2. Geo technical data, low maintenance and suitability to the development
  • 1 meter wide footpaths
  • Effective utilization of existing road networks and proposed MR 11 & MR 43
  • Consideration of common tendency of individuals in traffic design
  • Defined wider road networks, hierarchy of roads and regulated smooth traffic movements
  • Alignment of junctions, traffic zones and critical stretches
  • Pedestrian facilities for both “along” and “across” movements
  • "On" and "Off" parking locations and plans for critical areas
  • Technical standards etc. with respect to Indian Road Congress Standards (IRC) and American Association for State Highway & Transport Organization Standards (AASHTO)


Wide road network
Walkways with lush surroundings
Drainage system capable of carrying water
water tank
HDPE plumbing pipelines
Day capacity STP units
350 LED & solar street lights
100% power back-up for common areas
Waste collection and garbage
disposal system
Round the clock video surveillance
EPABX assisted security
24x7 town help center